Recycled Storylines & Tacked On Happy Endings

"Arete" n. That To Which All People Aspire
See Also: Strength In The Face Of Adversity



"Thank god there’s at least one thing we
can always agree on. Scars are left by
even the most delicate love.”

- From “Dear Corporation” by Adam Fell

When you touch me, you leave words
on my skin. The language

is often kind, the leaving
less so. I notice: my hands

say Stay. I remember when I turn
my palms up to cup water.

I raise them to my face,
inspecting how the liquid

conforms to a loss. I drink
from your memory. I taste

the specter of your fingertips,
your name

in drops of glass.

I will see your flaws,
and I will love them
Just as much as
I love your strengths.

—Julie Martinez

Something to hold on to would be nice right now.